PVC Air Blowing Garden Shoe Mould

PVC Air Blowing Garden Shoe Mould

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These pretty garden shoes are manufactured using world class PVC air blowing garden shoe moulds to bring out in them international finish and quality standards. Our wide range of products and remarkable quality make us recognizable among all the manufacturers and exporters. We offer a wide range of PVC air blowing garden shoe mold that is designed and developed as per client's requirements. This kind of mould is suitable for both air-blowing and not air-blowing shoes.

1 Conformed to human engineering in design, it features operational compatibility.
2. Moulds all with air valve
3. More than 1500 shots a days
4. Our range PVC air blowing garden show mould is known for its durability, dimensional accuracy, thicknesses and complete comfort. In addition to this, we also provide customization as per the specifications detailed by the clients to meet their needs.

Mould Parameters
Material: Aluminum
PVC shoe mould HS Code: 8480719090
Mould style: one mould one piece
Machine: The PVC air blowing garden shoe mould is compatible with PVC Air-blowing Injection moulding machine from Taiwan, Italy, China-mainland, as well as many other countries.
Size: L(350-450)*W(180-280)*H(100-275)mm
Weigh: 35-80kg
Package: Cardboard or Three-ply board carton packing
Process: CNC modular or casting
Production Environment: 175℃-220℃
Delivery: 20 days (after wooden mould checked)
Mould life: More than 5 years

As a China-based PVC air blowing garden shoe mould manufacturer and supplier, XIELI offers a broad range of products, including PVC air blowing slipper mould, EVA garden shoe injection mould, TPR sole mold, and more.

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