PVC Air Blowing Sandal Shoe Mould

PVC Air Blowing Sandal Shoe Mould

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We have a wide range of quality PVC air blowing sandal shoe mould in stock for our customers to choose from. These moulds are manufactured in our advanced production unit in various shapes and sizes. They can endure various extreme conditions in diverse industrial working conditions. Our customers can buy these shoe molds at competitive prices from us. With high technology and good quality raw materials, we produce every PVC sandal shoe moulds in international programs. All of the programs will be in strict accordance with the requirements of the customers made and delivery on schedule.

1. Stability for rapid mould opening
2. Moisture resistant
3. Flexibility
4. ISO certified
5. Green leaf designs
6. The aluminum we adopt is Guangdong Zhiyuan 712 aluminum (USD3500/ton) which is the most expensive in China to ensure best quality.
7. All our PVC air blowing sandal shoe moulds undergo at least 4 times of testing with our own testing machine

Mould Parameters
Material: Aluminum
PVC shoe mould HS Code: 8480719090
Mould style: one mould one piece
Machine: The show mold is compatible with PVC Air-blowing Injection moulding machine from Taiwan, Italy, China-mainland as well as many other countries.
Size: L(350-450)*W(180-280)*H(100-275)mm
Weight: 35-80kg
Package: Cardboard or three-ply board carton packing
Process: CNC modular or casting
Production Environment: 175℃-220℃
Delivery: 20 days (after wooden mould checked)
Mould life: More than 5 years

As an experienced PVC air blowing sandal shoe mould manufacturer and supplier in China, XIELI provides a wide range of products, including PVC air blowing garden shoe mould, EVA double color shoe injection mould, crystal shoe mold, and more.

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