PVC Air Blowing Shoe Mould

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We are specialized in manufacturing PVC moulds for single color soles, slippers, sandals, garden shoes and boots. Through multiple steps such as development, 2D or 3D design, CAM programming, CNC machining, wooden mould checking, casting, machining, and final mould testing and packaging, we have successfully developed the PVC air blowing shoe mould. All the mold making steps are conducted in strict accordance with the requirements of the customers, and meanwhile, we assure timely product delivery.

Product Feature
1. ISO certified
2. The best quality aluminum accepts 200 clamping force
3. High strength
4. Economic price
5. More than 1500 shots a day
6. After at least 4 times of testing with our own testing machine Easy customization
7. Flawless finish
8. 4 Three-ply board carton packing
9. Good after service

Why Choose Us?
1. Science and technology constitute the primary productive forces. In order to assure high quality PVC air blowing shoe mould, we use high performance production equipment and facilities, including CNC machines, computer design rooms, three-dimensional scanner acquired from Germany, colorized three-dimensional molding machine from the USA, mould design software, and highly advanced testing equipment.
2. We also use high quality raw material for shoe mold making. For instance, this mould is made using the 712 Aluminum from Guangdong Zhiyuan which is the best quality aluminum material in China. We promise we only offer high quality moulds to our clients.
3. We have a dedicated staff including over 700 workers. In order to assure timely product delivery, our factory provides uninterrupted production all 24 hours of the clock each day. Upbeat music is provided during workers' working process. This, coupled with mutual cooperation, brings workers much more optimism and helps improve working efficiency as well.
4. We have 2 huge sample rooms, one for shoes made using our EVA shoe mould and the other for shoes made using our PVC shoe moulds. The sample shoes are acquired from our clients around the world, and in China mainland as well. Constantly updating styles helps customer make much more competitive shoes.

Choose the Company, Select the Rest Assured
Xieli innovatively uses aluminum alloy to make PVC air blowing shoe mould. We at Xieli utilize four-axis processing technique and precise-engraving molding craft for our shoe mold making. The ERP resource management system originates by Xieli is the particular professional software in the industry.

Meanwhile, our company implements scientific management system, and manufacture molds in strictly conformation with ISO9001:2000 standard, so as to make sure our production processes are in strict conformation with the international standards and thus ensure our continuous development.
1. Vast Experience in the industry
Established in 2002, Xieli Mould Company is specialized in design and manufacture of high quality shoe moulds. To now, it has grown into one of the biggest shoe mould making factories in Jinjiang City, China. Due to high quality products, it has received good reputation, and it is able to offer the best customer service, complete range of product design, as well as PVC air blowing shoe mould with reliable quality and reasonable price.
2. Convenient Transportation
Xieli is located Sucuo Industrial Zone in Jinjiang City. The location is only 20 minutes away from the train station and 7 minutes away from Jinjiang airport. Also it is very near from Xiamen. There are also many hotels and restaurants surrounding our company, making our clients convenient for visiting us.
3. Located in Shoe Capital
Jinjiang is the Shoe Capital of China. We are near to many shoe making machine manufacturer and shoe making material factories. Our good cooperation with them allows us to offer better and better quality shoe moulds.
4. We have a team of after-sales service personnel to offer clients thoughtful services.

Mould Parameters
Material: Aluminum
Product HS Code: 8480719090
Mould style: one mould one piece
Machine: Our PVC air blowing shoe moulds are suitable for PVC Air-blowing Injection moulding machine from Taiwan, Italy, China-mainland, as well as many other countries.
Size: L(350-450)*W(180-280)*H(100-275)mm
Weigh: 35-80kg
Package: Cardboard or Three-ply board carton packing
Process: CNC modular or casting
Production Environment: 175℃-220℃
Delivery: 20 days (after wooden mould checked)
Mould life: More than 5 years

XIELI is an experienced PVC air blowing shoe mould manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide range of products, including EVA injection shoe mould, rubber outsole mould, TPR sole mold, and more.

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