TPR Sole Mold

TPR Sole Mold

TPR sole mould, TPR sport shoe sole mould, TPR outsole mold, TPR outsole molding

TPR sole mold can be applicable to the sole production for foamed and non foamed slow running shoes, leisure shoes, sneakers, and all kinds of sports shoes. For shoe sole making, the mold can adopt foamed thermoplastic materials as its raw material.

Main Parameters
Product HS Code8480719090
Mould Styleone mould one pair
MachineCompatible with TPR Injection molding machine from Taiwan, Italy, China-mainland, and more countries and regions.
Size (L×W×H)(200-400)×(150-240)×(80-220)mm
PackageCardboard or three-ply board carton packing
ProcessCNC modular or casting
Production Environment100℃-275℃
Delivery20 days (after wooden mould checked)
Mould LifeMore than 5 years

Remarkable Features
Prominent characteristics of our TPR sole mold include great cost reduction, quick injection, as well as extremely good mould closing. In addition, this product is locked tightly, which greatly improves the quality of the shoe soles without any burr.

Main Advantages
1. Our company has introduced all kinds of advanced machines to produce the high technology shoe sole mould. 45 CNC machines and 4 computer design rooms can be available in our factory. Main machines include the three dimensional scanner from Germany, bench work plant and testing machine, American colorized three dimensional moldings machine, power shape software for mould design, as well as 3, 4 or 5 axis programming or workshop.
2. For this TPR sole mold, we have also established a huge sample room, where we place various types of sample shoes from all over the world. We believe that the constantly updating styles can really help our customers produce more competitive and popular shoes.
3. This mould is made of iron, which is of superior quality though a little expensive. Instead of the foundry molding, it wisely adopts four axis processing and precise engraving molding craft. Its whole production process strictly implements ISO9001:2000 to keep track of the international standard.
4. Inside our company, there are above 700 staffs, all of whom are working as families and partners. Meanwhile, both upbeat music and mutual cooperation way can bring them much optimism. Moreover, the two class workers shift work is able to ensure the timely delivery of the order of every customer. With our best product and services, we are confident to meet the needs of all customers.

As a professional TPR sole mold manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer rubber outsole mould, crystal shoe mold, EVA injection shoe mould, PVC air blowing shoe mould, and more.

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