EVA Double Color Shoe Injection Mould

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EVA double colors shoe injection mould, EVA two colors injection mould, EVA double-color shoe injection mold

EVA double color shoe injection mould adopts the latest technology around the world. We have a professional team that focuses on the development of the product. Thanks to these moulds of our factory, significant cost can be saved to produce two color shoes, including soles, slippers, sandals, garden shoes and rain-boots.

EVA Shoe Mould HS Code8480719090
Mould StyleThe double color shoe injection mould is compatible with EVA double-color injection molding machine from Taiwan, Italy, China-mainland, and more countries and regions.
Size (L×W×H)(405-600) ×(240-580) ×(110-255)mm
PackageCardboard or three-ply board carton packing
ProcessCNC modular or casting
Production Environment175℃-210℃
Shoe LastFour pairs of shoe lasts for every size shoe for free
Delivery25 days (after wooden mould checked)
Mould LifeMore than 5 years

This EVA double color shoe injection mould is once injection type. Without glue, the double color shoes can be easily manufactured. Through fine finishing process, our product can really make shoes prominently possess light weight, gloss surface and ultra high value. Much time and cost in material can be reduced by adoption of two colors injection technology. Also, the productivity can be amazingly increased.

1. To produce the high tech EVA double color shoe injection mould, we pay much attention to science and technology. There are 45 CNC machines and 4 computer design rooms in our company. Our advanced and useful tools include bench work plant and testing machine, power shape software for mould design, American colorized three dimensional moldings machine, German three dimensional scanner, as well as 3, 4 or 5 axis programming or workshop.
2. In addition, our company owns 2 huge sample rooms. One is used for EVA shoe mould and the other is for PVC shoe mould. All the sample shoes come from the whole world. The constantly updating styles can really help our customers produce much more competitive shoes.
3. We aim to make superior quality EVA double color shoe injection mould so as to satisfy every customer. Our product is made of Guangdong Zhiyuan 712 aluminum. This kind material is expensive in China but can provide the best quality. Moreover, this product adopts four axis processing and precise engraving molding craft rather than the conventional foundry molding. The ERP resource management system is the particular and professional software in our industry.

As a specialized EVA double color shoe injection mould manufacturer and supplier in China, XIELI provides a variety of products, including crystal shoe mold, PVC air blowing shoe mould, EVA injection shoe mould, and more.

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EVA Double Color Shoe Injection Mould

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