Crystal Shoe Mold

Crystal Shoe Mold

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Crystal shoe mold is a once injection type product that can save much cost during the production of shoes. It is specially designed to manufacture various kinds of slippers, sandals and boots. Depending on the color of PVC materials, the shoes made by this kind of mould are extremely transparent and colorful.

Main Features
This crystal shoe mold is fine finished. It adopts the professional design of the feed opening that helps make quick injection. We provide samples for trail use. To ensure flexibility, our product is particularly made to be adjustable in production. Also, it is tightly lockable to make the end product provide high quality without any burr. Owing to the mold air blowing valve, the finished product may be lighter.

Technical Parameters
Shoe Mould HS Code8480719090
Mould StyleOne mould one piece
MachineThe crystal shoe mold is compatible with PVC crystal injection machine from Taiwan, Italy, China-mainland, and other countries and regions.
Size (L×W×H)(350-450)×(180-280)×(100-275)mm
PackageCardboard or Three-ply board carton packing
ProcessCNC modular or casting
Production Environment175℃-220℃
Delivery20 days (after wooden mould checked)
Mould LifeMore than 5 years

1. As we all know, science and technology constitute the primary productive forces. To produce high technology crystal shoe mold, we make full use of 3, 4 or 5 axis programming or workshop, as well as the three dimensional scanner from Germany, colorized three dimensional moldings machine from United States, bench work plant and testing machine, and power shape software for mould design. Also, there are 45 CNC machines and 4 computer design rooms in our factory.
2. Moreover, 2 huge sample rooms can be found in our company. One room is for PVC crystal shoe mold, and the other one is for EVA shoe mould. All our sample shoes come from all over the world. Customers can benefit a lot from the constantly updating styles to produce much more competitive shoes.
3. As the raw material of our mould, this Guangdong Zhiyuan 712 aluminum is the most expensive in China but can offer the highest quality. By adoption of the two class workers shift work, the order of every customer can be timely delivered. Through the joint efforts of more than 700 workers in our company, we are confident to make the best product and services so as to satisfy every customer.

XIELI is an experienced crystal shoe mold manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including TPR sole mold, EVA injection shoe mould, rubber outsole mould, and PVC air blowing shoe mould, among others.

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